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Imported From Slovakia

4 Months old

Vaccinated & Microchipped With A Passport.

King Charles Cavalier Puppies

  • Keeping pets is one of the hobbies of people across the world. People including kids, adults, teenagers, and old show their best interest in having pets. For example, dogs, cats, puppies, tea cup poodle puppies, and kittens are the pets people like to keep as pets.

    Most people prefer dogs because of their many features. Dogs, especially Cavalier king Charles spaniel puppies, are the best pets for people because they are true friends and loyal. People in Dubai keep king Charles's cavalier puppies for friendship and companionship. People, especially kids, keep such puppies for playing and fun.

    Best qualities of king Charles cavalier puppies

    These puppies are available in various colors. For example, Red, red and white, Blenheim, Tri-color, Black & Tan, Ruby, etc. Following are some of the best qualities of such puppies.

    Friendly and playful as compared to other puppies

     King Charles Cavalier puppies and dogs are friendly to human beings, especially to kids. The kids like to play and have fun all the time. That's why the demand for King Charles Cavalier puppies in Dubai among kids is at its peak. Also, these puppies are friendly to other animals.

    Cute and affectionate 

    Such puppies are famous for cuteness, lovability, charm, and gentleness. The various colors and cuteness of King Charles Cavalier puppies enhance their popularity everywhere across the world. People love and play with these puppies as these are signs of pleasure and entertainment.

    Best training abilities 

    People, especially girls love these puppies for their training capabilities. These puppies can be trained easily. People train them for playing and company.

    Intelligent and playful

    King Charles cavalier puppies are known for their intelligence and easily trained abilities. These are so intelligent and loyal to the owner they even sacrifice their lives for the owners. Also, they get training easily for games. Hence these puppies are sports dogs and puppies.

    King Charles Cavalier puppies for sale

    King Charles cavalier puppies are available in different colors and weights. Both male and female puppies are people's best choices as pets. The average weight of female puppies is in the range of 10 lbs to 18 lbs while for male puppies the range is 13 lbs to 20 lbs.

    King Charles Cavalier puppies have different costs depending on the size, color, and weight. Puppies in Dubai offer reasonable rates for King Charles Cavalier puppies.

    In short, King Charles Cavalier puppies for sale are available everywhere in Dubai. However Puppies in Dubai, the best pet center, provide healthy cavalier king Charles spaniel Dubai at low rates as compared to others for your pleasure, fun, and company.

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