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A home away from home for Dogs & Cats


Our' boarding facility was specially designed to provide a less stressful environment for your pet and to ensure maximum attention for each animal. Your dog will enjoy a indoor & out door climate 


Private playtime in garden. Your pet will be fed a premium food, dry and/or wet. You are welcome to bring us your pet's food. Please let us know your pet's dietary needs.


Feel free to bring your pet's toys, bedding or crate. Mark you last name on every item. we make every effort to return all belongings, but we cannot be held responsible for any property left by the owner.


We know that cats love to watch the world go by. Your cat will board in a secure open air enclosure in a room with a large picture window, completely separate from the dogs.

Petholicks provides a hammock, rug, and litter pan for each boarding cat.


When boarding animals, please make sure all shots are up to date & bring him/her in a travel cage for us to shift.

To Check Available Spaces & Prices Please Call

  /  0564444697

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